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Design & The Market

Design: What ? When ? Where ? How ? Who ?
Design a way to communicate and bring people together through design.
Design briefs to follow in workshops with family groups or communities.
Perhaps do workshops in community centres, from my studio and outdoors (depending on risk factors). I would love to bring to outdoors in.

My market are families and communities.
I must research and look at current studies on today’s families: what they actually do, their dreams as a family, their inspirations and aspirations, the reality.
Look at different communities within the Perth and Kinross district and see who stands out.

I must set up meetings and stand writing out questionnaires.

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Last lot of feedback for this year.

Some good feed forward this morning:
It was all about improving and how to make changes for the better. FOCUS on what: I am offering, I can………….
Who and what to research.
To be more on the ball about the important stuff ie. My learning with a different edge, What is it????? environmental issues. EXPLAIN.
FOCUS on one thing the designer OR sevice. So think workshops and classes. BRINGING people togeher through making. I thought focusing on the service I would lose me the designer but now I am starting to see it as designing a service. Also I can design the objects as well as the workshop and class briefs.

In both feedback sessions I have had this semester I have now said, ‘ so I need to take me out of the picture?!’. And both times each tutor has said no no no thats not what we are saying. We need your passion and envolvement to make it work.
I HATE IT WHEN MY MOUTH SAYS ONE THING but I mean another. By taking me out of it I mean the emotional me so I can see the bigger picture and so become the 3rd person.
Whats that saying I have to start seeing the wood through the trees. Whereas at the moment all I can see are leaves and branches AND they seem bigger than what they are.
Back to the feed forward, I am going to take a step back and see it from a business view. I will still be me, still have the passion but will treat this as an assignment for a client. So I am writing the business plan for Viv the emotional and passionate designer NOT to be her when writing it. One thing I got from feed forward also it that I am too close too this and can’t help but write one thing and mean another. I didn’t mean to sound like I was attacking anyone, I just didn’t know how else to write it at the time. Now I know what needs to be done so lets, let me start seeing the wood.

So I will keep up the hard work, keep the passion flowing BUT will try to put reins on my emotions. As it is them which cloud judgements and make me feel small and useless.

So keep positive, keep my chin up and keep smiling :)

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More Secondary research: books to read, leaflets to flick through…

Jay, R., 2008. The 10 Most Important Things you can do for your children.

This book says it answers the most important questions that as a parent you need and want answered:

  • What are the vital things I absolutely must do, come what may?
  • What’s the best way to spend the time we have together?
  • What can I teach my children that will have the most positive impact on their lives?
  • What little things will make the biggest difference to their happiness now and success in the future?
It says it equips you with the knowledge knowing that you have done the best you can for your child from toddlerhood through to their teen years and beyond. I had a quick glimpse at the chapter which interested me about how to spend time together and when having a quick read you have to remember these are one persons views from their point as a parent. More reading must be done.

 Mann, Seager, Wineberg., 2008. Surviving The Terrible Teens.

This book first caught my eye has it seems that it is about how to cope when your child is going through their teenage years.  It is and it wants to help you:

  • keep good communication with your teen.
  • cope with the emotional outbursts.
  • handle school problems.
  • help your teen become independent.
  • manage tricky issues such as sex, drugs and eating disorders.
I believe this will be an interesting read as the psychologists and youth worker who have written it should know what they are talking about from first hand cases.

Miller-Kovach, K., 2009. Healthy Parent, Healthy Child.

This book is part of WeightWatchers it seems and when I first saw it I thought its just going to be about healthy eating but then I read the back. This book hit a note to me as I am finding it hard to get my 3yr old to eat a seat down healthy meal at dinner time and I believe it is not just me who has this problem. This book may answer 3 important questions:

  • How can I get the children to eat salad?
  • How do I get my child to spend less time in front of the TV and computer?
  • How can I get the whole family to be active.

O’Flynn, L, Orange, T., 2005, 2007. How to Stop Your Kids watching Too Much TV.

This book is about as it says giving parents ways to get their children away from watching and being part of technology but in a fun sort of way. It is written by a leading children’s expert and a communication consultant both who are mothers so it should be good advice.

Palmer, S., 2007. Detoxing Childhood.

This book gives practical advice to parents on:

  • healthy eating and sleeping habits.
  • encouraging life skills through play.
  • how to get the most out of childcare and education.
  • tipping the work-life balance back in favour of family life.
  • making the most of the positive aspects of television and computers.
I have to admit I really cannot wait to find the time in my busy mummy schedule to start reading these books and see what insight they will give me. 

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Scone Library, is another grreat local place to study.

Along the way to get there from the main road in Scone there are some lovely things to see along the way. Above is a church which had been made lovely into flats, I remember this getting done when I was a wee lass.  When you get to this landmark you know you are almost there. Head down Abbey Terrace there is a lawn to your left, keep going and then you come to Scone library..

It was my wee ones last day at playgroup in Scone so I decided that day to stay there and head to the library to get some work done. When I got there at 0930 I found out it didn’t open till 1000 so I decided to take shatter under the canopy they have at the door and made a start. Here are some photos of the weather that day:

It was very dark and wet, just typical Scottish weather.

Even although it is a small community library it seems to have a lot to offer: a huge selection of books of every topic and loads of update stuff too, computer section with access to the internet about 6 computers, a grreat section for the children to be with cute seats and chairs again a good selection of books for the wee wee ones to the teenagers. I remember visiting here when I was wee and still at Primary at Collace it seemed to much bigger back then I suppose then so many things did.

I couldn’t believe the amount of useful leaflets I came across all of which are kind of based around what my business plan could be, some good secondary research. It is the first library where I have found this sort of information a lot of things about the community and how to help your child to develop. They can be found as you get into the library just keep walking in front of you to the white shelf unit and then others can be found in the children’s section where I was.


Above is where you can get more information on the library.

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Good afternoon followers…….

I am sorry I have been a little quiet on here of late. I have had my mind elsewhere on deadlines and having my mummy life back 24/7 as the 3rd year curtain at uni has drawn. It is now official I am part of the new 4th years at D.J.C.A.D who will all graduate next May 2013. I am currently trying to write my L4 proposal which will be the basis of my textile work throughout the year and it will produce a lovely collection of accessories. Another thing I am having to research and think about is all the research I will have to do prior to writing my business plan for Nov/Dec 2012.  I have got myself a placement with the lovely Elena who is a knit designer and has so much experience under her belt, I cannot wait to start in July. Believe it or not I have many drafts sitting to the right of me just now but they all need tweaked, some have been there since mid March. So please still keep an eye and watch this space tomorrow as I am going to be having a study day as wee one is going to nannys. Viv :)

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Me the person behind Quacking Design…

A few weeks past I decided to look for a new collection of clothes and an outfit for my 5th year wedding anniversary for dinner out with hubby.
I came across this lovely navy dress which fits me just right, so I went back for the teal one …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I feel grreat, look good and some people gave me lovely comments (thank you to all yoy lovely people). Now I know I have found the style for me so the plan is to make a pattern and make my own wee collection.

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Properties which would be grreat for everything in an ideal world…

….. us as a family, me as a designer and teacher, socialiser, and to have that back and front door. This would be just right plus it’s so so so close to town.

These are two I see on a daily basis on my communcate into town from home:

1. This is a picture I took with will phone from the bus stop opposite:

When I first saw the sign outside I thought it was for the house next door, I have loved that house since I could remember but next door I suppose it could be just as good.

So I had a nose online:


The back gardens look like a good space plus there is an out building AND the hope would be that it would be safe enough to use for workshops.

One grreat thing I found on this website is that it has the floorplans for each floor:
Ground Floor:
* You walk in the front door and up the stairs to the first floor and the smallest room facing the front of the house maybe used for small workxhops. This would be if the out buildings couldn’t be used.
Then walk up the stairs to the:
2nd Floor:
* I could imagine this whole floor as MY space as my studio for all my work and thinkings.
Everything I haven’t mentioned like the grreat family space downstairs and study area for hubby PLUS there are rest rooms on each floor. Grreat sleeping areas on 1st floor BUT I just wish the family bathroom was there too instead of being on top floor.
One thing not to worry about but when viewing I feel I must look past the decor as that can be changed.

and another -
2. I love the gardens and the amount of rooms but I can’t visualise the layout, again must look past the decor. There are two public rooms so I feel I may be able to set up my studio in one of them.



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